Future Technology and Innovative Concept Topics and Ideas for Think Tanks and Radio

Welcome and welcome my radio listening group of onlookers and online article perusers. On this nineteenth day of October 2012 we will obviously be talking about future innovation, future advancements, and cutting edge ideas. To be sure, I doubtlessly trust the Mayan date-book wasn’t right, or maybe those cutting it only came up short on stone basically, came up short on shake to etch on, in this way the world will be spared from whatever it was that the Mayans considered another age or reestablishment.

Alright along these lines, I’d like to plunge into our subjects for the present radio television show and I’m certain at this point you comprehend the organization, fundamentally, “I will do the speaking for around 30 minutes less plugs and your responsibility is to listen cautiously, concoct remarks and questions, and afterward I’ll open up the telephone lines to hear what you need to state.” As you additionally presumably realize I don’t react to online remarks which are not mentally based. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a conclusion, nor does it imply that it must be equivalent to mine. Indeed, in the event that you do an excess of going on and on needlessly, I will basically cut you off, maybe concur with you, and go to the following guest.

Our responsibility is to have a scholarly talk, exchange, discussion and talk. That is for what reason you’re here, and that is my main goal, and we will finish it. Presently at that point, clearly there is a colossal measure of discussion about development, the requirement for trailblazers and business visionaries in our country to keep us solid, energetic, and on the main edge of innovation. You won’t get any difference here on that reality, in any case it appears as though “development” is maybe a standout amongst the most abused words in the English language as of now, maybe other than “unsustainable” which incidentally, a few things which may have all the earmarks of being unsustainable or critical issues we trust we face today, yet may in all likelihood be explained with the innovation of things to come.

Einstein used to state that; “it takes a splendid individual to take care of an issue, however it takes an inventive virtuoso to keep the issue from regularly happening ahead of all comers,” and along these lines, I would state that the innovative virtuosos don’t generally get the acknowledgment for taking care of the issues, yet the splendid individual will, regardless of whether their past arrangements transformed into unintended outcomes, and they are rehired to fix what they broke the first run through after probably fixing something to spare every one of us.

Alright thus, here is the place I’m going to begin tossing out themes, with a little dialog appended to every one. They will run the extent the whole way across the board from sci-fi points to the present best in class advances and what they may mean for our future. I will likewise toss out some close to home unique inventive ideas, as I think of something like two new unique ideas for every day, and we can talk about those also on the off chance that you wish, or maybe you will have an alternate subject for our exchange here. Presently then how about we start with the principal subject;

1.) Will Physical Cash Endure the Following Three Decades – Programmers and Exchange Addressed

Truly, cash has next to zero esteem – consider a dollar note, it’s only a wobbly bit of paper, so what amount is it extremely worth? We as a whole trust it merits whatever it says on the essence of it whether it be one dollar, five dollars, $10, $20, $50, or even a C-note. Cash works since individuals have confidence in its esteem, and what it can purchase. A large portion of the cash which is made nowadays never really exists in a physical structure, it just exists in the advanced world. For example, you may get paid from an Enterprise, that cash could be carefully moved into your financial balance. You may then utilize your ATM to purchase something, or pay bills on the web, however you never had that cash in your hot little hands. Things have changed a great deal over the most recent three decades haven’t they?

So what will occur in an additional three decades I inquire? Will regardless we have physical cash, or will everything be digitized, and will you ever have any cash in your wallet to purchase something? There are a few futurists that trust that cash will depart for good, in other words physical cash, and everything will be advanced later on. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which our general public and human advancement doesn’t confide in computerized cash. Imagine a scenario in which they are concerned that our banks are being hacked. As of late in the fall of 2012 we’ve noticed that our banks have gone under digital assaults from Iran at any rate Leon Panetta trusts that is the place the assaults begun, yet who is to state later on in the event that we have a war with another country that digital assaults on our money related framework won’t be incorporated?

All things considered, financial fighting is winding up very normal, why simply think about the approvals, exchange wars, and our endeavors to prevent the cash stream from psychological militants, street pharmacists, tax criminals, and human dealers, alongside the focal financial PC frameworks of maverick country states and their cash exchanges for things like oil, characteristic assets, and military combat hardware?

At that point there is the issue at present where an ever increasing number of individuals are making portable installments on their versatile individual tech gadgets. Today they’re purchasing some espresso, a burger, or different things at retail locations. Later on it may be significantly more, or if that winds up temperamental or those individual tech gadgets are being hacked, maybe through downloaded applications with malware, or from clients surfing sites with malware, at that point individuals won’t confide in versatile installments. Some have recommended that some close to home tech gadgets may really return with pre-stacked entryways or programming that could be utilized by programmers to take information or perpetrate wholesale fraud wrongdoings.

There may come a period where individuals don’t wish to purchase anything on the web, or do internet banking since they don’t confide in the framework, they don’t need their cash to vanish one day into another person’s record in some remote nation. Having somebody channel your financial balance just needs to happen once, and just needs to happen to a dear companion or a relative before everybody they know ends up crude. All things considered you won’t have any desire to utilize computerized cash, and that case more individuals will select to utilize physical cash, subsequently it is very conceivable that physical cash will exist essentially as a security factor for a considerable length of time to come.

In any case, how safe is your physical cash going to be if there should arise an occurrence of a catastrophic event, or an out of control fire that torched your home, or a seismic tremor? Shouldn’t something be said about a storm with a colossal tidal flood, a tidal wave, or a noteworthy waterway which bounced its banks? Is your physical cash safe, how much more secure is it that your computerized cash all things considered? Talking about catastrophic events and flooding occasions, perhaps we can more readily anticipate them later on? We should discuss that for a minute with our next theme;

2.) We Need A Genuine Test for 100-Year Flood Numerical Recreations – An Idea

How might we better create scientific reenactments for flood zones, or the famous multi year flood? What would we be able to improve tweak these numerical models with the goal that they are totally precise? Heaps of work has been done in the past dependent on rise, and flood mapping. Yet, there’s a whole other world to it than that, there are a wide range of different interesting points alongside disintegration designs. Give me a chance to give you an idea here?

We know the dates, temperatures, downpour fall, and run-off right, we know history, in addition to we quantified the territory when right? Along these lines, any great scientific recreation for disintegration should look equivalent to the real in the event that you input the manner in which the territory used to be with the between time conditions to what it is currently. See that point.

There is a fascinating YouTube Video I suggest seeing on this subject, well a side issue, that of rural top soil disintegration; “Dave Montgomery – Earth: The Disintegration of Human advancements,” presently at that point, let me express my contemplations on this as, these hypotheses and theory bode well with boundless models in the present time frame on littler scales – good judgment, detectable, and accordingly it bodes well, so at that point, Occam’s Razor endures.

In this way, my hypothesis of Dave Montgomery’s address and hypothesis would be the equivalent. Undoubtedly, this was an extraordinary address, strong proof, and research. OK thus, presently we would now be able to advanced these discoveries to help align mathematic soil disintegration models and reproductions. Presently then given me a chance to pose another inquiry, or maybe a similar inquiry an alternate way;

3.) Would we be able to Utilize Mathematic Fractal Reproduction to Trick A Human When Review Disintegration Examples?

Assuming this is the case, would that resemble the Turing Test? Also, assuming this is the case, would i be able to call that the Computer generated Experience Winslow Test, named after me for thinking about it? In the event that you are a pilot as am I, and you fly over the landscape, you see different examples of how the mountains and disintegration had occurred throughout the last thousand to 10,000 years. You can see floodplains, mountains, gulches, and everything bodes well – you can see precisely how the water streams, or had streamed before. Imagine a scenario where we utilized a PC to structure disintegration designs that never occurred, and consider the possibility that we asked a human, maybe a pilot who has seen and flown over such landscape ordinarily previously on the off chance that it were genuine or not.

Are our PC recreations sufficient to trick the human eye? I’m discussing a prepared eyewitness who has seen these things in the past again and again? Is that conceivable; I trust it is. Thus, how would you realize when seeing Google Earth in the event that you are taking a gander at a PC interpretation, or a phony Birdseye see which maybe is concealing an army installation, or a mystery zone? Actually you don’t, or isn’t that right? What about the individuals who work for the national satellite insight offices, where everything they do is ponder landscape maps? Might they be able to select the distinction?

Before you answer that question, for what reason don’t you use Google Earth on the satellite view and fly over the deserts in Nevada. A portion of that stuff looks entirely peculiar with unusual hues, however it’s everything genuine. On the off chance that you question that it’s genuine.

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